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Weird or wonderful? Forget highlighting, “glass skin” is the new way to shine

Strobing, highlighting, baking – girls have officially been obsessed with glowing skin since forever, but there’s a new glossy trend in town and it’s sweeping the K-beauty scene: enter ‘glass skin’.

The hot new skincare method, which originated in beauty capital Korea, has navigated its way across the seas to the UK and we’re kinda digging it, tbh.

It taps into the “idea of transparent and translucent skin,” explains Alicia Yoon, founder of Korean beauty brand Peach & Lily. Simply put: the idea that your skin looks clear, flawless and luminous AF.

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And rather than achieving this look with copious amounts of highlighter, or a selfie light phone case (my weapon of choice), it’s achieved through a skin regime that layers a mixture of hydrating products to make your naturally great complexion even better.

So how can I be a glassy lady?

I’ll be the first to admit it – sometimes we can be a bit lax when it comes to skincare, right? The day always starts with great intentions, but in reality it tends to be a bit of a standard cleanse, moisturise and out the door I go. While this is totally fine, if you want to achieve the Gwang” (Korean for dewy glow) you’re gonna have to put a bit of work in. Challenge accepted.

As well as your usual cleanse, tone and moisturise, you’ll need to exfoliate too. Use a gentle face scrub and remove excess dirt, oil and impurities which can stop your skin from achieving its full, poreless potential.

Next, you’ll need to invest in a hydrating serum. They can be a bit pricey, so I’d try popping to your local Boots to see what they suggest – one that contains a high dose of hyaluronic acid (it’s totally safe btw) is ideal as these help to flood the skin with moisture.

Finally, experts recommend topping up with a face mist throughout the day to keep the hydration locked in. (I love Skin79’s Aragospa Aqua Mist fyi, it’s perfect for a between-lesson spritz.)

Beyond your skincare, there are a few simple life hacks that will help you get your glow. Without sounding like your nagging mum, eating your greens and drinking plenty of water truly are the oldest tricks in the book.

But if, like me, you hate broccoli and are all for ‘enhancing’ what your mumma gave ya, or you’re a slave to a new skin fad and proud, why not give this beauty trend a go? Glassy girls unite.

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