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Patch it up! The very best iron-on patches to jazz up your jeans


What a time to be a pair of jeans. Only a couple of years ago we were adrift in a sea of identical skinnies, but these days denim has got its mojo back. You’d have to have been living in a bunker in the garden for two years not to notice that embroidery and embellishment are fashion’s new favourite words – but when you don’t have the cashflow for new threads (or the sewing skills for new, um, threads), how do you get the look?

Grab an iron, obviously. Patches are your shortcut to jean genius, not to mention bags, jackets, tops and anything else that stays still long enough. From fierce slogans to pretty motifs, here are our very favourite iron-on patches for jeans on the internet. Get plastered.

1A patch for the peckish

Because Skinnydip knows chips-and-dip is our one true love.

£5, Skinnydip London

2. Take a brow

The original flower crown queen, ironing on Frida’s face is the easiest way to turn your jeans into fine art.

£3, Extreme Largeness via Etsy

3. Carry a watermelon

It’s more or less the law that you need fruit in your wardrobe somewhere. And if it’s a pineapple and a watermelon wearing sunglasses, even better.

£5, Monki

4. Give a flip

Stand up and let your denim do the talking! (Maybe sit down when you need it to shut up again).

£3, Extreme Largeness via Etsy

5. Halo, you

Wear your heart on your sleeve, your back, your bag or your bum, with this heavenly patch.

£3.49, Jennie Maizels

6. Turn it up to Eleven

Punkypins has a whole Stranger Things patch collection, which has got us more excited than a box full o’ Eggos.

£4.50, PunkyPins

7. Fries on the side

A bun for your buns? We’d wear this with relish.

£6.99, CouCou Suzette via Etsy

8High five

From a comic book Pow! to a peace out, this patch pack from H&M has a bit of everything.

£5.99, H&M

9. Fight the good fight

Not only will this patch remind us to keep kicking ass on a daily basis, it’s also iron on because we sew like a girl too. Which is to say… um, badly?

£6, fairycakes via Etsy

10. Heart to art

For when you have ALL the feels but still want to be anatomically correct, this beauty from Stay Home Club will sort you out. Gorgeously goth.

$6 (about £4.80), Stay Home Club

11. Beauty and the beast

It’s amazing we got this far without a unicorn, tbh. This pack by Orelia also includes stars and a cupcake, to satisfy every twee craving you’ve got.

£18, ASOS

12. Prickly heat

Flowers are fine, but you can’t beat a cactus. This Topshop patch is even easier to care for than the real thing!

£3, Topshop

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