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Why primer is a makeup artist’s secret weapon

Sponsored by Miss Beauty London

You’ve spent hours glued to YouTube watching tutorials, followed your fave MUAs on Instagram and trawled the beauty aisles of the big Boots in town more times than you care to count. You almost have your makeup routine down.

But there’s one crucial step that beauty bloggers and professional makeup artists rave about – primer – and you haven’t quite convinced your ma and pa to part with their hard earned cash. “You can’t even see it!” they say.

Well, parents, primer is pretty much a secret weapon in the beauty world and we’ve got a good few reasons why. If you’re still not convinced then… well… we’re fabulous and can rock the no makeup look anyways *hair flick*.

It’s great for winter skin

Harsh central heating and horrible weather can turn your skin from dewy and fresh to dry, flaky and downright dull. Not unlike the sky atm, guys. Applying primer literally gets your skin ready for everything else. It’s the smooth, hydrated base you’ve been stealing your mum’s night cream for, but now you don’t have to steal your mum’s night cream. See, win for you. Win for parents.

It helps your makeup last longer

How annoying is it when you totally nail your makeup, only to check yourself 10 minutes later and find that it’s all come off? Pfft. Well, primer creates a protective barrier for your foundation, concealer and winter bronzer to sit on. It absorbs your natural skin oils first so your actual makeup doesn’t have to, meaning a fresh face for a helluva lot longer.

You can wave goodbye to ‘the shine’

That shiny forehead and t-zone combo is pretty much the bane of our selfie lives. Forget trying to find a filter that mattifies AND gives a natural glow, just apply some primer before your makeup and get snapping.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth

There are some amazing primers on the market that are well within the pocket money region, but because it’s Christmas you’ll receive a Miss Beauty London Perfect Base Face Primer in December’s bettybox! The best bit? It’s totally affordable to buy again after you’ve run out (once you start using it, you won’t be able to stop).

It’s super light on the skin

Primer gives you a flawless, airbrushed look without the need for loads of makeup – great for our youthful skin seeing as we’re prone to clogged pores and spots. Gah.

You don’t need a million brushes

Let’s be real here. While we wish we could spend infinite time switching between brushes as we apply our base, most of the time we’re running later for school. Luckily, primer actually goes on better if you apply it with your fingertips! Massaging your skin gets the blood flowing, which gives you more of a natural finish – and extra bonus time to nail your eyeliner.

It’s a time saver

For an understated ‘I woke up like this’ look, you can wear primer and nada else. Well, on your face anyway. Nan might be a bit shocked if you turn up to Christmas dinner absolutely starkers. It will smooth your skin whilst giving your complexion a bit of a glow and can even be worn as a glossy eyeshadow, too. How’s that for multi-tasking?

Miss Beauty London Perfect Base Face Primer is available in December’s bettybox and stocked exclusively in Poundworld.

Image: Kate Borrill

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