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Gorgeous athleisure wear that you can wear for TV marathons or actual marathons

Grab a pen and update your fashion dictionary guys, because ‘athleisure’ is a real word we’re really using now. As in, athletic leisurewear. Sports stuff that looks so good you can wear it for things that aren’t sport.

The great thing about athleisurewear is that even if you’re not doing anything more strenuous than making your way from the sofa to the fridge or going on a gentle stroll into town, pop on some lycra and bam it counts as exercise. It’s science. Fine, it’s not science. But it makes me feel better, ok?

Here’s our favourite athleisure gear to wear mooching about the house, meeting people for brunch…. or for actual exercise. Each to their own, right?

Flower power

Love your embroidered floral jeans but want something comfier to lounge around in? Oops, we meant exercise. Looking for something comfier to exercise in? Well, look no further.

Black floral tights, £24.99, H&M

Adore Velour

Sure, it’s a little ‘Regina George’s mom in Mean Girls’, but it’s comfy and soft and velour is totally making a comeback.

Velour hoodie, £8, Primark

Zippy little thing

You can zip all around the place with this bra. It’s so supportive it will even yell out encouraging phrases at you at random points throughout the day*.

*This is a lie, but it is really supportive.
Sports bra, £19.99, H&M

Keepin’ it classy

This is the classiest athleisure top I’ve ever seen. It’s the Hamptons of athleisure. The Kate Middleton of exercise gear. The lobster and caviar of lycra tops. You could wear it to your posh aunt’s fancy garden party and nobody would even tut.

Anew singlet, £55, Lululemon

Staples for days

Timeless. Simple. These leggings are the Little Black Dress of athleisure.

Nike Power Epic (Plus Size), £70, Nike

Perk up

This bra is almost annoyingly pretty – you’re never going to want to put a top on over it. But then again, if you’re just wearing it in your room, you don’t have to. #winning
Double layer floral bra, £30, Ivy Park

Millennial pink

Summer’s just around the corner (please, please, let that be true) so if you’re in need of an alternative to leggings, we love these shorts. In millennial pink, obviously.

Sports shorts, £12.99, H&M

Hollywood, baby

I don’t know if it’s just me, but this looks exactly like the type of top that someone in a three-star rom com wears to a yoga class where they run into their nemesis. And I want it.

Crescent tank, £42, Lululemon

Game on

Who doesn’t love activewear with a sassy edge? Literally.

Game on, £19.99, H&M

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