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Here’s the lowdown on snail slime, our fave Korean beauty trend

The new beauty trend from Korea might shock you a bit at first, but snail secretions, as in the slimy stuff that you sometimes see on plants, is the latest unusual skincare ingredient that we can’t wait to try. In September’s bettybox, you’ll discover a cute K-beauty sheet mask that contains this glow-enhancing ingredient. We bet that you can’t wait to tell your besties about this one, if anything, just to see the looks on their faces! But what’s the deal with snail slime and why is it good for the skin?

Snail slime was used by the ancient Greeks

This may be a new trend but there’s nothing new about using snails on the skin. We won’t give you a whole history lesson, but basically, in ancient Greek times, snails were crushed into an ointment that was then rubbed into the skin as a healing remedy. Snail slime has been reported to help heal burns, soothe irritated skin and much, much more.

What products have got snail slime in?

There are lots of snail gels and creams containing snail secretions, but our favourite is Oh K! Snail Sheet Mask that leaves skin hydrated and glowing. Sheet masks are always fun, pop one on in front of the telly or kick-back and listen to some tunes whilst your skin slurps up the goodness. Stock up on a few to share around for a weird and wonderful addition to your next sleepover.

Why is snail slime good for the skin?

Snail slime is packed with nutrients and compounds that can improve the appearance of skin, like hyaluronic acid and glycoproteins. It also has a naturally high water content, making it a go-to for thirsty skin. As well as being super hydrating and moisturising, making it great for dry skin, it can also help to heal spots and acne scars, perfect if you’re prone to breakouts or have a habit of picking your spots.

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