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betty brunch: Posh beans on toast and The Weeknd

It’s the weeknd! Whoops, wrong one. It’s the weekend and tbh, this whole only-two-days-off thing is seeming a little lame. We’re three-day-weekends kind of people. We’re ladies of leisure. We were kind of getting used to not having a feeling of dread on Sunday evening. But don’t worry – there are TWO MORE bank holidays on the horizon, and in the meantime we’ve worked out the perfect was to stave off those weekday blues.

Posh beans on toast is the ultimate comfort food for these difficult times – try Olive Magazine’s recipe here. The beans and bread will give you heaps of energy, plus you could chuck in a bit of chorizo if you want meat in the equation, and take this brunch to the next level. You’re welcome.

Posh beans on toast is on the menu tonight

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And to keep the weekend vibes going, pop on The Weeknd. Easy as beans on toast.

Image: Instagram/olivemagazine


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