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14 questions boys have about periods

We did a brave thing this month and asked our guy friends to send us all the period questions they have. Needless to say, they have many, from the genuinely curious to the downright ridiculous.

Since they’ll never be able to experience a period themselves, we also decided to humour them and tell them – as honestly as possible – the answers to all their burning questions. Take a peek at your own risk…

Q: Are cramps worse than stomach aches?

A: They actually feel pretty similar sometimes and, especially on day one of your period, it can be difficult to tell if you’re about to come on or have explosive diarrhoea. Sometimes it’s both – more on that here.

Q: Why do you get cravings?

A: Blame our changing hormone levels and then read this article for more info.

Q: What’s the most embarrassing place you got your period?

A: Speaking for all of us, embarrassment usually involves leaking or unexpectedly getting your first period and not being prepared for it, rather than a location. That being said, leaking while sleeping over at your mate’s or wearing a swimsuit is always a bit of a nightmare. Girlhood is great.

Q: Does it hurt to use a tampon?

A: Mostly no, but it can be a little tricky getting used to it. More tampon tales here.

Q: Is it annoying to have to carry period stuff around all the time? Is that why you have such big handbags?

A: Firstly LOL and secondly the annoying part is actually when you DON’T carry ‘period stuff’ and then you get your period. The big handbags are fashion, darling.

Q: Is there anything you enjoy about having your period?

A: Mostly that when it arrives you realise why you’ve been acting so weird all week. PMS has the power to temporarily turn a gal into a completely different human, so it’s always nice when that’s over.

Q: Is it true that you and your friends all get them at the same time?

A: Science says no, but it happens all the time, so *shrug emoji*.

Q: Why do they make you so grumpy?

A: Have you ever thought that it might actually be YOU that’s making us grumpy?!

Q: Can you really still get pregnant on your period?

A: Yep, so if we’re sexually active and we tell you that we need to use contraception EVEN at that time of the month, believe us. Plus you can get a sexually transmitted infection anytime, so all the more reason to wrap up, punk.

Q: Can you go swimming when you have your period?

A: Sure can. Thank you, tampons. More info on that one here.

Q: How many tampons do you go through every month?

A: It depends on how heavy your flow is, how many don’t come out of the applicator properly, how many wrappers fall off in our giant handbags… but the average number in the UK is 22 tampons or pads per month.

Q: Can you feel your period coming out?

A: Sometimes, yeah, and it’s kinda weird.

Q: What can we do to make your period better?

A: Just be nice to us like you should every. Damn. Day.

Q: Do you all have period pants?

A: It’s a personal choice of whether you want to risk ruining your cute undies on period days or defaulting to your old, probably already stained, granny pants. Question: which would YOU choose if you had periods, boys?

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