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Period nail art exists and we’re officially obsessed

Ever lost an entire afternoon on Instagram and Pinterest ogling impossible-looking manicures? Us too, which is how we stumbled upon one of the most genius inventions of the 21st century: period nail art.

That’s right, ladies, nail designs that pay full homage to Auntie Flo in all her bloody glory. Will you just look at those tiny tampon strings?! Never before has a ‘used’ sanitary product looked quite so cute.

I really don't understand why my tampon nails never became a trend ??‍♀️

A post shared by Annelies Hofmeyr (@wit_myt) on

While the brains behind this specific design is conceptual artist Annelies Hofmeyr, who dedicated an Instagram series – The Period Project – to all things menstrual back in 2015, she’s not the only genius getting in on the period nails action.

Floridian nail decal designers Nail Pop LLC actually have a set of nail transfers dedicated to that time of the month.

For just $10 you can let everyone know you’re on your period, with added bloody pads, tampons and menstrual cups for extra decorative effect. Nail artist Asa Bree, whose work is pictured above, even added some chains and glitter for a truly eye-catching surf on the crimson wave.

Using the same set of decals, nail technician Lindsay Raquel painted her own protest against US Vice President Mike Pence, and his controversial views on women’s rights, birth control and abortion. We think she nailed it (soz…).

After something a little more subtle? The artists at Las Vegas salon Just The Tip created this red stiletto-shaped mani with tampon-designed ring fingers. Now all we need is to see someone get engaged while rocking period nails and all our Instagram fantasies will be complete.

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