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Things you only know if you’re the last to start your period

Sometimes it can feel like being a teen girl is just one big waiting game: waiting for school to end, waiting for a text back, waiting for the day you’re old enough not to be told what to do. And that feeling of impatience is only worsened when everything seems to be taking so much longer to happen for you than everyone else—especially when it comes to hitting those milestones, like getting your first period. While it might feel like you’re the only one, we’ve been there sister—and we bet you’ve done a few of these, too…

Going to the loo five times a day, convinced this time will be the one

Even the tiniest bit of moisture or discharge has you rushing to the loo thinking the time has come—I think waiting to start your period is just about the only time as a girl you pull down your pants and actually want to see something in there. Cue carrying bettypads around ‘just in case’. While it’s definitely not a bad idea to be prepared, I’m afraid there’s no way of telling when it will happen—some girls start their period as young as eight years old; for others, it’s more like 16. And you know what they say about a watched pot.

Actually being jealous of your mates when they have cramps

…. Or can’t swim as they’re on and only like to wear pads / have to borrow a tampon during class / delete ridiculous reason for jealousy as appropriate. While you know these things are defo not anything to be envious of—who wants a stomach ache? And being caught out without our awesome bettypads is no one’s idea of fun—it’s hard not to feel the green monster bubbling away under the surface when your mate complains.

Feeling like ‘the baby’ of the group

If one of your friends tells you she’s ‘become a woman’ one more time, your eyes will roll so hard they might fall out your head. While menstruating is a big part of being female, it definitely doesn’t define you as a woman, or indicate you’re any less mature than anybody else. Starting your period is not a race, and you’ll have many years of them to come—and times when you’ll no doubt wish you’d relished the time when you didn’t have them.

Obsessively counting who’s started and who hasn’t

Every time one of the girls tells you she’s had her first period, you find yourself divvying everyone up into columns of ‘who has’ and ‘who hasn’t’, and watching the numbers dwindle in fear of being the only one left in the ‘hasn’t’ camp.

Worrying they’ll all ‘sync’ without you

Just another form of FOMO to add to the list of things that make you feel like you’re being left behind. It might sound like the ultimate proof of friendship to be so close to your friend you are more than just on the same wavelength, but physically in sync, first of all, studies have shown this to be complete rubbish—or, in their words, “it’s very unlikely that cycle syncing is… real”. Which, if we’re honest, is a bit of a relief.

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Image: Katie Edmunds 


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