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How to remove a tampon

Remember when, once upon a time (like, three hours ago), you were wondering how to put in a tampon. Well, now you’ve totally smashed that, you’ll want to know how to get a tampon out! The great news is that learning how to remove a tampon is easy – you’ve already succeeded at the hardest part…

How do you know when to take a tampon out?

You should never leave a tampon in for more than eight hours but you may need to change it sooner than that. If you spot any leaks, can see any blood on the string or the tampon moves when you tug the string gently, it’s time for a change!

Taking out a tampon

It’s as easy as one, two, three! Just remember to breathe…

1. Sit on the toilet with your legs apart.

2. Hold the string as close to your body as you can and gently pull.

3. Wrap it in some loo roll and chuck it in the bin. Any probs? Read on!

Does getting a tampon out hurt?

Usually, tampon removal isn’t painful, but if it is, this could be why.

The tampon hasn’t absorbed much blood.

Towards the end of your period, you might need to use a lower-absorbency tampon. If you’re struggling to get a tampon out when it’s dry, try weeing first. It can help get that tampon moving!

You’re feeling stressed.

If you’re worrying about how to pull out a tampon, your body might be tensing up, too. Relax by taking some deep breaths, or going away and doing something different for a few minutes before trying again. It can really help!

Can you flush tampons?

There is one simple answer to the question: can you flush tampons. No, no and NO!

While ditching a dirty tampon down the toilet might seem like the cleanest and easiest solution, it’s not good for the environment and it’s not good for the toilet, either.

One tampon might seem to disappear quite easily down the loo, but a bunch of them could end up clogging the pipes. Both options are frankly, disastrous.

Tampon disposal

So, if you can’t flush ’em, what can you do with ’em? Wrap ’em and bin ’em. Simples!

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