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How to put in a tampon

OK, so you’ve got used to the idea that you’re going to be bleeding every month for a really long time, you get why your period makes you feel a certain way and you’ve totally mastered the art of using pads. You’re basically a pro at this whole period thing now. But, if you’re still clueless about tampons and wondering how to use a tampon, we’re here to help.

How do you put a tampon in?

If you’ve decided to buy some tampons but you’re still confused about what type to get, check out this handy guide. The next head scratcher is working out how to insert a tampon into your actual body.

First, wash and dry your hands really well – you need to do this before and after you apply a tampon, every single time. Next, unwrap it and put the wrapper in the bin (not the toilet!). The next bit varies depending on what kind of tampon you’re using.

Inserting a tampon with an applicator

Most tampon newbies find using an applicator tampon much easier than using one without.

Hold the tampon in the hand you write with and have a good look at it. You’ll see a bumpy part on the end of the larger cardboard tube. You’re going to hold that part with your thumb and middle finger, then use your first finger to push the smaller tube into the larger tube, pushing the tampon out. Take some slow, deep breaths and get into a comfortable position…

Hold your labia open and, with the string hanging down, gently nuzzle the top of the applicator into your vagina, aiming it slightly upwards, towards the bottom of your back. Start to push the smaller tube into the larger tube until it’s all the way inside the large tube, which means the tampon is in the right place!

Don’t worry if it’s not as easy as all that. Read on for more tips, then try again!

How to apply a tampon without an applicator

It’s time to chill, breathe deep and get comfy. Girl, you have got this. This kind of tampon might be a bit trickier to get into place, but it’s a whole lot simpler to understand. You’re just going to push that lil’ thing up into your vagina using your finger.

With the string hanging down, hold the tampon with your thumb and first finger. Hold you labia open and nudge the tip of the tampon into your vagina at roughly a 45° angle, pointing towards your lower back. Now put your middle finger at the base of the tampon, where the string is, and use it to gently push the tampon in as far as you can (yes, your finger will probably be a way into your vagina too).

Any probs? Keep reading!

What angle does a tampon go in?

Vaginas aren’t all the same and it might take a few tries to work out what angle is right for your body. Most people find that about 45° works, and if you imagine that you’re aiming the tampon towards the small of your back, that might help. If the tampon doesn’t slide into your vagina fairly easily, wiggle it gently and try a different angle.

What if it hurts to insert a tampon?

There are a few reasons it might be a bit sore the first few times you use a tampon…

You’re not bleeding much. It might sound messy, but the easiest time to slip a tampon in is when you’re bleeding quite a lot. You have to wash your hands anyway, so don’t be afraid to give it a try!

You need to try a new position, like sitting on the edge of the toilet seat with your legs apart, standing with one foot up on the toilet, squatting or lying down. It can make LOADS of difference.

You’re a bit tense (that means your vaginal muscles might be a bit tense, too). Try some of these ideas for how to relax, or try again another day. There’s no rush.

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