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Things you only know if you have really heavy periods

Damn those girls whose periods seem to last for a fraction of a second. Those who can wear dainty dresses, white underwear and nothing more than a mini tampon to soak up the thimble full of menses coming from their vagina every month.

Those girls are not us, are they? Because if you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to say you pulled the short straw when it comes to the time of the month.

Welcome to the heavy period club: an elite group of menstrual superheroes. We might look like other women and girls, but behind the cool facade we’re dealing with serious pants carnage, and secretly panicking that the 16 pack of super tampons stashed in our handbag might not see us through the day…

Here are 16 things you only know if you have a heavy flow.

Leaking is a given

Cue checking every seat when you stand up.

Sneezing has all kinds of consequences

Pray for us during flu season…

Long journeys are a nightmare

Needing to pop to the loo every hour is pretty restrictive.

Even travelling to the toilet can be risky.

Don’t make any sudden movements.

You regularly clear the local supermarket shelves clean out of sanitary items

You’re single-handedly supporting the government with your contribution to tampon tax.

And getting caught short is your worst nightmare

Send help.

You have special period knickers

And who knows what colour they were to begin with?

And wearing white is completely out of the question

Unless you want the pink ombre look, that is.

Sleepovers are a no-no for one week each month

It’s bad enough risking leaking onto your own sheets for seven days, let alone spoiling your friend’s fancy bedding.

And swimming?

One word: bloodbath.

You’re genuinely impressed by how much blood you lose

It’s a miracle we’re still alive, tbh.

With heavy flow can come great pain


But the more you bleed, the more chocolate you can eat

So it’s swings and roundabouts.

The day you’re due on is like a military operation

Super tampons? Check. Clear line to the bathroom? Check.

But when you finish you want to throw a party.

Finally, it’s over. Until next month.

You feel sorry for yourself, but know it’s just the way you’re made…

This Mean Girls GIF is your soulmate.

Jokes aside though, heavy periods are totally normal most of the time. But they can be a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, or other issues.

According to the NHS, the average amount of blood lost is between 30-40ml, with 9 out of 10 people losing below 80ml. Generally, your period will be considered heavy if you lose more than 60ml over the course of your period. But unless you’re about to sit on a measuring jug for a week, it’s best to learn what is normal for your body – and if you’re concerned, have a chat with your doctor or an adult you trust.


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Image: Katie Edmunds

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