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15 girls reveal the most awks moment their period has ever landed them in

Ahh periods. While they sometimes have their perks (y’know, like an excuse to eat endless chocolate, live in pyjama bottoms and become an empowered, independent woman), there are certainly some SERIOUS downsides to that time of the month.

For instance, periods really give zero effs about the time or place when they arrive. They’re kind of inconsiderate. They’ll turn up when you least expect it, and probably at the most inconvenient time possible. Y’know, like when you’re chatting to your crush, when you’re wearing white undies, when you’re mid-trampoline bounce… Gee, thanks babes.

As a result, a lifetime of periods on the road ahead means that there will inevitably be some VERY awkward, blood-stained moments involved. But hey, it happens to the best of us, and they’re good to lol about later down the line.

Don’t believe us? We asked 15 girls to share the most ultimately embarrassing moments that their period has ever landed them in. And they all survived to tell the tale, so don’t stress too much if it happens to you.


“So I was at work (literally last month… I’m 23 for goodness sake) and I was hanging out with a new girl over lunch. We were talking about funny Tinder experiences and I was laughing SO HARD that I just felt my tampon slowly pop out. The ridiculousness of the whole thing only made me laugh harder so I just COULDN’T speak and I also couldn’t stop it. Explaining that sudden need for an emergency trip to the bathroom was one way to bond with a new workmate.”


“Fortunately this one wasn’t me, but I know someone who was at the beach with her boyfriend on holiday, and he leaned over to say ‘Hey, there’s a loose thread on your bikini bottoms’. And you guessed it, he pulled at it and yep, it was her tampon string. Luckily it didn’t come straight out and she could run to the loo to sort herself out but still. Boys!”


“Oh there’s so many magical moments I could share. But dropping my full moon cup on the floor of a public toilet and having to ask the lady in the stall next to me to pass it back probably takes the biscuit. It’s proof that bad things happen to good people.”


“Back in the day, I went to a Pussycat Dolls and Rihanna show and obviously decided that white jeans were the only outfit option to go for. And what do you know, I came on my period half way through the concert without realising, so I spent the entire night in white jeans covered in blood & only realised when I got in the car after everything was finished – and after walking through hundreds of of people. The worst part was that it was my friend’s mum’s car, so I hovered over the seat all the way home cos I didn’t wanna damage it. Thighs of GOLD.”


“I started my period quite late at 16, so my periods were really heavy when I went to college. One day I went in wearing light blue jeans, and I remember getting up to go to the toilet when a girl shouted ‘You’ve leaked!’ There it was – a massive blood patch on the back of my bum. I just cried and went to my tutor, who then called my mum who had to come to pick me up.”


“I live up North, so we were driving down to Dover on the way to France, and my parents have the ‘we won’t stop unless you’re dying’ rule on car journeys. I’d been asking to stop on the journey but my parents said no. When we got to Dover, I went to the toilet with my mum and the floodgates completely opened. It went everywhereee. All over me. All over my trousers. My mum was so apologetic and had to wash my trousers in the sink in the public toilets at Dover. After that I started doubling up tampons and pads but hey, it still leaks pretty often. That’s life.”


“I was on a school trip and we were coming back from Belgium, so everyone had to get off the coach to check passports. I’d been sat down for maybe five hours before that, and unbeknownst to me I’d come on my period and my light grey jeans didn’t take well to this. My friend came up to me and was just like “Take your cardigan off and put it round your waist” and I was like …why? I then saw in the reflection of a window the mini massacre on my jeans. I rushed to what I thought was the *ladies* room. Turns out I had gone into the mens, just as an extra cherry on top, and refused to come out of the cubicle for ages. Mortifying tbh.”


“When I was 17 I had the really wise idea of wearing white jeans to go on a date when I was on my period. Self sabotage, eh? He picked me up, drove me to this really nice restaurant and we had a great time, but I was getting increasingly paranoid about something… seeping through. Ahem. He dropped me off and I got out of the car, when I heard him mutter something along the lines of “Oh my god…” I looked down at his cream leather interior seat and there was literally a bloody patch there – small but obvious enough to make me want the ground to swallow me up. I bolted into the house, didn’t even say bye…”


“I went to a Halloween party with my parents and I’d got my period for the first time a couple of days before. I was an emotional wreck anyway because y’know… hormones, but we ended up sleeping over at the party. I slept in a bed with a few members of my family and when I woke up there were stains ALL over the white sheets while everyone else was still sleeping in the bed. I was 12 at the time and was so embarrassed that I just pulled the duvet over and didn’t tell anyone. I felt so bad afterwards that I left my parents’ friend to clean up my mess. Ugh, still can’t look her in the eye.”


“13 years old in high school with the biggest crush on my science teacher and I got my period. I was so shy in class that I hated even asking to go to toilet, so I just sat thinking it’d be fine to just sprint to the toilets when the bell rang. Nope. 20 minutes was around 19 minutes too long. I made sure everyone at my bench left first so I could stand up and see the damage. My entire stool was covered in blood. Luckily I had make up wipes in my bag so I quickly tried to wipe it but the next class started coming in, so I had to just shove the wipes in my bag and run. The next four years in that science class were AWKWARD.”


“I’m gonna spill this one on behalf of my friend, because it was just so great. We were hanging out at school and a guy in our class hopped over, pulled a tampon straight out of my friends blazer and asked if he could have one of her sweets. WAY more embarrassing for him than it was for her!”


“One New Year’s Eve I was staying at my friend’s place, just sleeping over on the floor with a duvet. The issue was that everything around me was white. Duvet, carpet, the lot… I got up to go to the toilet and realised with horror that I’d started my period overnight. Filled with sheer panic and dread, it took me over an hour just to lift up the duvet and find out whether I’d stained the pristine carpet overnight. By some miracle, I hadn’t, but it was a truly tragic start to the new year.”


“I was on holiday with some friends and I got my period on a bus tour. Sigh. We stood up to get off the bus and I realised the worst had happened – I had stained the seat. I hurried off and we headed back to our hotel, but then I realised I had left my bag on this bus with the key in it (and my tampons, agh). So off we went, we had to go back to the bus place, get back on the bus and find my bag. To make it all worse, when the bus driver asked where we were sat, my friend said “The seat with the stain on it.” Yep, THANKS FOR THAT.”


“When I was 13 I went to my first ever party and was wearing a white dress in the middle of summer. I go to the loo about half way through the party and realise I’ve started my period (hmm, great timing) so obviously I panic because it’s my first party, I’m wearing white and I didn’t know what to do. HELP. I stuffed some toilet roll in my pants and went and found the mum at the party and somehow managed to ask for some tampons. She took me to a bathroom where no one else could go and showed me all her different sized tampons. Even now, every time I see her mum, I still feel incredibly, painfully awkward.”


“OMG okay, so I was travelling Europe in summer 2017, (still the best time of my life despite upcoming horror story), and when we were in Budapest we went to a spa. Obviously this was the time when my period started and obviously I’d only packed one bikini for a five week trip. That bikini also obviously happened to be white. I had to grab my towel and scurry out to get changed ASAP.”


“One night whilst staying over at my boyfriend’s, I slept through the whole night without realising that there was some major leakage happening. It left a stain not just in my clothes but straight onto his sheets and his mattress. We’re still together though, but he has moved out now and I don’t know what happened to the mattress. I just really hope he didn’t pass it on to his brother…”

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Image: Girls

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