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“Procrastinate now, don’t put it off”: 10 celeb quotes to get you through exam season

Let’s all be honest with each other – if you’re reading this now, you’re most likely procrastinating. Just as the sun begins to peek its head around the corner of spring, students across the country are going into hibernation under mountains of flashcards and half-completed revision timetables.

It might not help, but maybe you can take comfort in the fact that some of of our most-loved celebrities also had to go through the pain of revision. Think about the fact that they too spent three hours pointlessly highlighting random things in their chemistry notes. And above all, remember to breathe.

“Stay inspired and stay ambitious. There’s a time and a place to have fun, but all of that fun means nothing if you are not intelligent and if you don’t have something to back it up.”

So what you’re saying is more work = more fun, Nicki Minaj?

“Procrastinate now, don’t put it off.”

Ellen DeGeneres knows how much we really do in a three hour revision session

“If you believe in yourself anything is possible.”

Great advice, Miley Cyrus… but belief alone isn’t going to teach us about ionic bonds, is it?

“I’m my own worst critic. I think that’s really hard, but it also spurs me on. I always want to do better. I’m always striving towards the next thing.”

Somehow Emma Watson thinking she’s not good enough makes us feel better.

“If I cry, it’s because I’m very angry and I can’t do anything about it because I’ve run into a dead end.”

Rihanna probably wasn’t talking about revision here, but it’s all too relatable.

“For exams, I swotted so hard because I couldn’t bear the thought of not coming first.”

If only we all had the same work ethic as Lily James. Although has anyone told her first’s the worst, second’s the best?

“Exams were always a nightmare, but anything like kicking a ball around or playing PlayStation – or flying – I do generally find a little bit easier than walking, sometimes.”

We spend our revision breaks flying planes too, Prince Harry.

“All my family has very good mathematical abilities – like, so dorky. I was the dork then in school – on any maths exams I’d get 100%. I just knew how to do maths and most people would hate it, but for some reason it just came.”

Rebel Wilson is just showing off now.

“We exceeded expectations just by turning up for the exams.”

He may be a fictional character, but we are all George Weasley.

“I have a lot of stamina and I have a lot of resilience.”

If Hillary Clinton can run for president, you can revise pythagorean theorem one more time. We believe in you.


Images: Getty / Katie Edmunds

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