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Things you only know if you’re a typical Virgo

Happy birthday, Virgo! Although we’re sure you’d like to just keep getting work done and quietly ruling the world, make sure you take a little time out to celebrate. With the new moon in Virgo, everyone else will pick up your slack, so don’t even fret about it.

Joining you in the August 23rd – September 22nd crowd are Zendaya, Jungkook from BTS and *whispers* Beyoncé, so you know you’re destined for some serious success.

Work and celebs aside, what are the other things you only know if you’re a typical Virgo? Let’s find out…

You are an absolute perfectionist

If you’re going to do something, you may as well do it right, so you’re constantly pushing to achieve levels of perfection that most wouldn’t even consider.

Therefore other people’s mistakes really bother you

If you feel like someone is being stupid, or is unable to complete the task at hand, your frustration levels are off the chart.

Despite this intensity with work, you are actually a sensitive soul

You don’t always show your emotions, but rest assured they are there! You just don’t like to offload your feelings on others.

You hate confrontation and will avoid it wherever possible

While you’re more than willing to have an adult, equally represented conversation, you’re not a fighter and will recoil into your shell if anything kicks off.

Organising your surroundings helps you keep a clear mind

Or organising anything, really. It gives you purpose and keeps your brain calm.

And you’d never make a rash decision

Everything is super well thought-out with you, Virgo, to minimalize that margin for error.

When it comes to love, you’re looking for someone as smart as you

Brains and ambition are sexier to you than physical attributes will ever be.

And you’d never date someone judgemental

You HATE being judged.

Did we mention your secret party-loving side?

Sure, it doesn’t come out until all the work is done, but it’s definitely there.

So, Virgo, let’s party like it’s your birthday… because it is!

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