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9 funny Instagram accounts you need to follow right now

Need a LOL? Then fire up your clicking finger, ‘cos you’re going to need to check out these funny Instagram accounts.

James Fridman

This Photoshop wizard uses his skills to troll the entire internet, and it’s completely hilarious.

British People Tweet

So there are a few accounts about on this theme, but it is a good one. If you ever: eat beans and potato smileys, know the importance of making a good strong cuppa, own a Sports Direct mug and spend a bit too much time in Tesco, there is probably something here to get you chuckling.

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We are cultured 😤😤

A post shared by British People Tweet 🇬🇧 (@britishpeopletweet) on

Celeste Barber

This awesome woman recreates the kind of celeb pictures that get millions of likes in her own special way. Look, while the likes of Chloe Moretz (and her massive team of stylists, hairdressers, pro photographers etc) somehow make lolling in a shopping trolley look all kinds of glamorous, Celeste Barber’s takes on the same poses hint at what the rest of us might look like if we attempted the same thing: a glorious mess. From frolicking in the garden with her laundry basket to lying on her living room floor wearing fishnets and a couple of pizzas on her boobs, this lady will stop at nothing to get you LOLling.

Go comics

Now this one is OLD SCHOOL. We’re talking classic comic strips like the ones you used to read in the back of your grandad’s newspaper, featuring familiar friends like Garfield and Peanuts alongside brand new cartoons. It’s more of a gentle snicker than a belly laugh, but sometimes that’s just what you need.

I see faces in the strangest places

Aw, this one is somehow cute and sad and funny, all at the same time. Did you know that our brains are wired to pick out faces, even on inanimate objects? This account showcases some funny faces in the most unexpected places, and it gets us in all the feels.

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Thanks to @katrwhite for sharing today’s face 😋👍🏼

A post shared by #ISFITSP (@iseefacesinthestrangestplaces) on


Meet Skellie, a gal whose life is literally Insta perfect. From festivals in flower crowns to PSLs in sweaters to watermelon pool floats to brunch dates with bae to aspirational sponsored posts and her own range of merch, this influencer hits every mark. There’s just one catch: she’s a plastic skeleton. Dead funny.

Drake on cake

Peckish? Need a LOL? Love a bit of Drake? Then this needs your click. It is what it is: Drizzy’s lyrics drizzled over the most gorgeous gateaux. It doesn’t get yummier than that.

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Aubrey comin’.

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Doggos doing a meme

So there are thousands of meme accounts out there (and what IS that with them all making themselves private? What, just you and your 685k friends?!) but this one is dedicated to the dogs and that’s what makes it all the better. Some cute, some stupid, all doggos, all funny.

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