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The 7 stages of PMS spots

Sponsored by Balance Me

Our period can be pretty unreliable at times, but the one thing we *can* rely on are the PMS spots that come with it. Gah.

We’ve teamed up with Balance Me in this month’s bettybox to provide you with some sweet relief from the red, angry PMS spots we’ve come to know and…erm…get used to (let’s be real; there’s no love lost here).

Recognise these feels?

1. The weird itch

Yep, that kinda prickly part of your skin that starts to tingle a couple of days before your period arrives. Is it a bee sting? No. Is it a tiny allergic reaction? Defo not. Have you fallen over in some stinging nettles and forgotten? Of course you haven’t! It’s the beginning of a PMS spot.


How is it possible that a spot can actually wake you up? It feels like you’ve been in battle, but instead of coming away with a victory wound, you’ve got a watery growth that’s going to ruin your fresh-faced beauty look at Olivia’s party on Saturday. Urgh.

3. The swelling

It’s not got a head yet, no. That would be too exciting and poppable. Instead, it’s lurking below the surface in a big, fat, red mound that looks like a molehill, and not a cute one.

4. The gathering

Oh look, suddenly the lone spot has recruited some friends. Just a select few who are teeny tiny, but naturally just as painful. We’re all for bffs, but this is ridiculous.

5. The puss

There it is! Finally, a juicy whitehead, ready and waiting to be popped. How to approach this, though? Obvs, we know that our nails carry so much bacteria so we shouldn’t use them to pop these pesky, puss-filled pimples. Let’s just touch it to see how rea…oops it popped.

6. The sweet relief

WOOO! Our face no longer resembles a series of miniature volcanoes with the potential to erupt at anytime. You can be cool and collected when you’re sat opposite Olivia chatting about that Swedish boy band you’re pretending to know about.

7. The ‘here we go again’

For two or three weeks, your skin is your best buddy. Smooth and bright and perfect. Then the weird itch comes and, well, you know what happens…

Combat those pesky PMS spots with Balance Me Congested Skin Serum. Worth £10 and containing special ingredients like spruce knot, kanuka oil, eucalyptus and lavender (ooh, fancy!), it’s a soothing gel that you can apply directly to your pimples each day. Sign up to bettybox RN to try it yourself, then go grab another from their website.

Image: Kate Borrill

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