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All the times your parents were probably right (but you’ll never admit it)

First things first, there needs to be some kind of law against parents expecting you to admit they were right to their actual faces. I mean, there’s just no need is there? But we’re going to have to face it, there are some (a few, like hardly any really) times when your parents have been right about something and you kind of wish you’d listened to them. We’re not going to do anything crazy like tell them that, but, just between us, these are all the times they were totally right…

1. That boy was mean

He would take three days to text back, he said your favourite band was stupid, he ditched you at that party for the girl in the year above and he told you he ‘doesn’t believe in relationships’. He was a five star idiot who was out to pick you up whenever he felt like it and drop you whenever he didn’t but with those eyes and that hair you had decided that he was a beautiful lost soul. While you were deep in the throes of infatuation, your parents could see him for exactly what he was. Luckily, three weeks later you also realised you were way too good for him…

2. Staying up til 1am ruins the next day

Sometimes staying up until it’s technically tomorrow is the best fun ever, but on a school night when you’ve got a test on rivers the next morning it’s probably not such a good idea. You’re tired, bleary-eyed from watching six solid hours of Netflix and, yeah, the day is pretty much ruined. Ugh, why do parents have to be right?

3. You do need to eat your vegetables

Sorry but nobody loves every single vegetable out there. For every ok-ish one, there’s another that’s completely gross and you can bet that’s the one that will be on the table that night. “Eat all your veggies, they’re good for you!” your parents say as you roll your eyes and cut them up into tiny, hideable pieces. The thing is they totally are good for you. They’re full of nutrients and vitamins, they’re good for your heart, they help prevent all kinds of undesirable diseases and they can give you super glowing skin. Fiiiiiine, we’ll have seconds then.

4. It would have been way less stressful if you hadn’t left that project ‘til the last minute

When you get three weeks to work on a project, there’s no point in even starting it for another two weeks minimum right? Wrong, according to your parents. And they might have been onto something because when it’s 20 days later and you realise you have precisely 24 hours to start AND finish the entire project, you’ll be wishing you’d got it out of the way on the first weekend. It would have saved a lot of stress and a serious amount of ‘HELLLLLLLP MEEEEEE’ messages to the group chat.

5. Not all friends are forever friends

One minute you’re planning the interiors of the New York apartment you’re totally going to live in when you both move there together and the next you realise you haven’t spoken in a month. Your parents say it’s not a big deal but is it? It definitely doesn’t have to be. It’s always kind of sad when a friendship fizzles out but sometimes they last exactly as long as you need them to.

6. Being young isn’t the worst thing ever

When you’ve got teachers on your back and your summer job money has run out, being young feels like a curse, but your parents still insist on telling you how these are the best days of your life every five minutes. *Eye roll*. There’s no doubt being a teenager is definitely not a total breeze but six week holidays, zero bills to pay and seeing your mates Monday to Friday is a pretty solid trade-off.

7. It’s OK to fail

It doesn’t matter whether you flunk an exam or if it turns out that you’re not the next Jessica Ennis, failure hurts. And it hurts a whole lot more when you’ve really put the effort in. It feels like a huge kick in the gut that you’ll never come back from and, ‘it’s not the end of the world’ is the last thing you want to hear at the time. But in reality it isn’t and your parents know it. Failure can be the start of something new. It gives you the chance to step back and make a decision. Maybe it’s a wakeup call to work harder or maybe it’s your cue to try a different avenue. Either way, it’s OK to fail because there’s always something you can learn.

8. You should have worn a coat

How do they know?! The sun is shining! Do they have a sixth sense for the cold or something? Without fail, every single time they’ve told you to wear a coat and you haven’t, you’re shivering and full of regret 10 minutes later.

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