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What the heck is cuffing season?

Girls, we know you thought winter was coming, but actually there’s a whole other season on the way: cuffing season. It has nothing to do with handcuffs (unless you’re into that), but everything to do with tying yourself down and embracing all that’s great about having a significant other over the cold, dark months of British winter.

What is cuffing season?

While you’re probably staunchly single in the summer, committed only to having fun with your mates and being outside as much as possible, cuffing season is the one time of the year when you’d really rather have someone to snuggle with. After all, it’s cold outside, and cuddles are a lot cheaper and more environmentally friendly than central heating.

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When does cuffing season officially begin?

Well, most people say November 1st and that would make a lot of sense, really. It’s definitely cold and dark by then, and it gives you a solid month of ‘cuffing’ before Christmas party season begins, so you’ve got a little time to get to know your new beau before dragging them to holiday events and dropping hints about Christmas gifts.

When does cuffing season end?

Usually right before or after Valentine’s Day, depending on whether you want to avoid the super-lovey holiday completely, or just need to spread your wings again before summer starts.

We can see plenty of benefits to cuffing season; the aforementioned cuddles, someone to stay indoors and watch Netflix with, a partner for outdoor ice skating sessions, a date to Christmas parties… but is it really worth the faff of finding someone? In short, if it happens, great – have fun and maybe you’ll still be together come summer. But going out looking for a temporary partner just to make winter a little brighter? No. Thank. You.

So this cuffing season, remember mates dates, duvet days, hot chocolate and not having to buy an extra Christmas gift are just as awesome as being loved up. Single or settled, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

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