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13 amazing things Noel Fielding has said on The Great British Bake Off

Look, we were all a bit worried when Noel first popped up on Bake Off. Who was this crazy elf man, what were his confusing shirts all about and most importantly, how did he get into the big Bake Off tent? But it wasn’t long before we realised that actually, his offbeat LOLs are just as integral to GBBO as Paul’s tan, Prue’s eye-melting accessories and a baker blaming the oven for their total disaster of a cake. Now we’re totally hooked on Noel’s quirky humour, and pretty much live for his weird one-liners, so put your feet up, grab some kinda fancy scone and relive some of Mr Fielding’s most bonkers moments.


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“I do live in a hollowed-out tree.”

“I don’t think lamination is the end of the world. I mean, I’m not laminated and I’m having a great time.”


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“Bakers, you have one hour remaining and if you don’t finish, Mr Spoon’s going to be angry.”

“If there’s an opportunity to keep the bottom exposed, we should all embrace that. I’m planning on taking my trousers off when Paul and Prue do the judging.”

  “Bakers, according to the pasta clock, you are halfway through your challenge.” Noel said this whilst holding an actual clock made from pasta.

“Look at him [Paul]. He’s wearing black. He’s the Godfather of Bread.”

“I love that you called your mum a queen. My mum’s in Queen. She’s Brian May.”

“More cats should be married.”


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“If you get [Star Baker] three times in a row, I’m gonna get on your shoulders and you can carry me around the tent.”

“I love the look of that goth juice.”


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“I had a dream I was with Sandi. She was playing a bull and I had a serviette and we were doing bullfighting.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way. I saw a caterpillar in the zoo, an exotic one, and it looked like that [a roulade]. I think it was poisonous. Good luck.”

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