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Seven TikTokkers you need to follow

While the good old days of might be well and truly over, as time TikToks along, we are growing to love the new, bigger-than-ever community on the newly-renamed platform. This app’s quirky video tricks are a brilliant way to get creative online, and with talented TikTok stars like these guys on your feed, you’ll be spoiled for inspo for how to up your own TikTok game!

Liza Koshy

OMG, we couldn’t love this girl any more. You might already know her from her YouTube channels (where she’s racked up a casual two-billion-plus views), her stunning Insta or her TV and film gigs – but didja know that’s she’s also kinda of a big deal on TikTok? Her acting talents take her TikToks up a level. Tap over to @lizzza to see.


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Vicky Banham

Hit up @vickybanham for something a bit different. This gal is totally real and doesn’t care one bit about looking silly in front of the camera. She combines lol-some comedy with body painting and some increds make-up transformations. So fresh.


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Brent Rivera

This guy does not shy away from a bit of a dance routine and we ain’t complaining. He also has an imaginary girlfriend called Elizabeth who features in a lot of his TikToks. If you think that sounds weird – well, it is. Luckily, it’s funny too, so go and take a look. He’s @brentrivera on the app.


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Rebecca Zamolo

Super-cheery @rebeccazamolo is all over the internet like a rash but her posts on TikTok are the ones. She’s a bendy, bouncy gymnast and blends her sporty skills with some serious TikTok features to create some mind blowing content!


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Annie Le Blanc

How many 13 year olds do you know with over 13 million fans on TikTok? @annieleblanc’s feed is packed with the cutest lip-sync scenes: Annie singing at a sleepover with her mate, Annie singing in the car, and mini-choreographed dances that look straight from a Disney movie. She’s got an incredible voice, too – we reckon this girl is going places.

Baby Ariel

You could definitely call Ariel Martin, aka @babyariel, the queen of TikTok. Her lip-sync skills are insane, her make-up is off the charts – oh, and she’s now an actual pop star, thanks in part to her massive popularity on Perf.


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Kira Kosarin

This is a rare one: a TikTok account without any lip syncing! Kira is an incredible talented singer, songwriter and actor who uses TikTok to showcase what she does best: strumming her guitar and singing her heart out.


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the flowers will be blooming, but time will be frozen for us ✨

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