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#FollowFriday: Why we’re loving Scarlett Curtis this week

This 22 year old journalist and activist is making waves by speaking out about feminism, period poverty and panic attacks. Oh, and she has rad hair, too. Find out more about this gal’s inspiring campaigns, girl gang and style right here.

She’s a kickass writer

Despite being barely out of uni, this talented lady has written for Elle Magazine, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Vogue and more top-notch publications. Her Insta is totally worth a follow as it’s packed with her interesting views and some super-inspiring posts. @ScarCurtis has got a whole lot to say and we want to hear it!

So while I'm SUPER into all the lovely comments I get saying my hair looked better when it was pink; the truth is that after a year of bleaching the crap out of these locks, last summer MY HAIR FELL OUT AND IT WAS SO STRESSFUL AND SAD OKAY GUYS. Anyway the end of this story is that @lorealprouk came along and QUITE LITERALLY saved my hair. They gave me my hair dye for free but I don't technically have to say anything BUT I'm not even joking their #mycolorfullhair colours are so amazing and their bonding thingy is so amazing and their conditioner is so amazing and my hair is finally soft and normal person hair again and I'm so happy I'm starting to worry about why my hair has such a big impact on my mood but MOVING ON. @ryansteedmanhair you are genius and if you want coloured hair and don't want to be bald (no problem with it OBVI just wasn't the look I was going for) then get you some @lorealprouk smart bond STAT! ??????

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She’s an awesome activist

Scarlett is no stranger to a protest, having been involved in the anti-gun movement in the USA. She shouts out her feminism views, she’s joined the “Who made my clothes?” campaign, she recently wrote about her personal mission to go plastic-free, and that’s before we even start on her number one cause at the moment. Clue: it’s close to our hearts…

She’s out to end period poverty

She’s a true betty babe, this one. Scarlett was instrumental in the organisation of the Free Periods protest in December 2017, which called for the UK government to address the problem of period poverty (that one in 10 girls in the UK cannot afford sanitary protection). She joined a crowd of more than 2000 to help spread the word, organise sign painting sessions and turn up and do their thing outside Downing Street. As a result, in March this year, the government gave £1.5 million to this amazing cause. Now that’s the power of activism in action!

She hasn’t let health drama hold her back

This girl has had a fair share of troubles (including having a back operation that went wrong in her teens, and suffering from serious depression as a result). She’s doing her bit to normalise mental health struggles by speaking publicly about her experience. She believes that if she’s going to share the good side of her life, she should share the tricky bits, too. She recently posted this sad selfie with the caption: “Just to remind everyone that sometimes life is very hard and it’s okay if all you want to do it lie in bed and drink tea. Constantly in awe of the human ability to keep going. Onwards and upwards. Kind of.” It’s pretty brave to reveal this kind of vulnerability with her almost 30k followers, but that’s just one of the many reasons we love her.

She’s got a hippy heart

Her Insta grid often features a crystal or two, but she doesn’t let mystical vibes rule her life: “Whatever you think about moons and crystals…it’s basically just a way to set intensions.” She posted this cute pic of a little ceremony she performed when there was a new blood moon using crystals, candles, oils and setting some goals for the next month. Erm, we want to be a part of that.

Her girl gang is jaw dropping

We all love our BFFs, but @scarcurtis’s gang really is next level. She hangs out with A-listers including Ladybird stars, Saorise Ronan and Beanie Feldstein, Tanya Burr, Jameela Jamil and so many more. Oh, and did we mention that her parents are kind of a big deal, too? Dad Richard Curtis is a film director and the guy behind Love Actually and Comic Relief, and mum Emma Freud is a writer and broadcaster. I guess it’s no surprise that Scarlett is super-creative and knows how to express herself.

Proud friend 2 ft. @innout

A post shared by Scarlett Curtis (@scarcurtis) on

Her hair is all kinds of awesome

As well as rocking a killer wardrobe (think floaty maxis, hella embroidery and oversized delicate dresses), this lady loves to mix it up when it comes to what’s happening on her head. Red, pink, purple and lilac have all been spotted in the last few months and she can totally pull it off.

A M E T H Y S T ? amethyst hair, amethyst heart, amethyst necklace. So happy to be working with @daisy_jewellery on this beautiful amethyst necklace. WHO KNOWS what's real and what's not real but I do know that wearing this necklace every day and telling myself it will calm my anxiety has genuinely helped to shift a little part of my brain into being a little less psycho. It's also pretty as hell. You can get this truly beautiful healing stone necklace for 25% off TODAY in the link in that bio. Screw buying presents this #blackfriday and buy yourself a little piece of anxiety soothing magic instead. Also scroll left to see my freaky little notebook where I write down what my crystals mean. YES I AM THAT LADY NOW ????#daisylondon #amethyst

A post shared by Scarlett Curtis (@scarcurtis) on

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Image: Instagram/Katie Edmunds

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