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16 gifs to remind you that hugs are the very best medicine

We at betty are many things (funny, clever, willing to rock clashing patterns), but we are most definitely *not* haters. We love TLC and hugs.

Hugs solve pretty much everything. They’re like the Siri of the arm world.

Because for some reason, wrapping your body around someone else’s body and squeezing tight is one of the best feelings in the world.

Even kittens agree. And kittens are the purest animals on the planet.

There are loads of types of hugs. There are mum hugs, the ones that generally involve a few strokes of your hair and feeling like you’ve stepped into a time machine and gone back to when you were five and your mum was Queen of the World.

There are team hugs. The type you often see when someone scores a goal in sport or when you win the X Factor.

There are happy, congratulations, ‘the world is a delightful blue orb of magic and glitter’ sort of hugs.

There are determined hugs, for when words can’t quite do your feelings justice.

And farewell hugs, when the only way to deal with the upcoming distance is to spend as long as physically possible as close together as physically possible.

And “I’m just gonna subtly fall into you and hope that you catch me so that one day when I grown up, I can tell people in bars that I hugged President Obama” hugs.

There are family hugs, where you roll your eyes… but then you dive in anyway.

There are sad, “I can’t believe a Hippogriff is about to be murdered in front of me and we have a weird will-they-won’t-they dynamic, so let me fling my arms around you” hugs. You know, those super common ones.

There are BFF hugs, when you just can’t quite believe how lucky you are to have these people in your life

There are “I never want to let go” hugs that make your heart pinch.

And there are, “I love you” hugs, that should almost always be accompanied with a forehead kiss.

But at the root of every single hug, there is always this.


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Image: One Day at a Time


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