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11 times we wished we were Cameron Dallas’ girlfriend

What was life before Cameron Dallas? We’re sure it had less meaning, but thankfully this beautiful being graced the world with his presence on 8 September 1994, and now he’s celebrating his 23rd birthday. Happy birthday, Cam!

In celebration of this blessed event, let’s check out 11 times we wished we were Mr Dallas’ girlfriend – and yeah, it was pretty hard to narrow it down to just 11 times…

1. When he woke up like this


A post shared by Cameron Dallas (@camerondallas) on

Beyoncé isn’t the only one who’s #flawless.

2. When he cuddled up to the cutest doggo ever

Puppy Rottweiler ?

A post shared by Cameron Dallas (@camerondallas) on

Two sets of puppy dog eyes right there.

3. When he rocked the cover of Rollacoaster

Justin killed this cover @rollacoastermagazine @justinrcampbell @tommyhilfiger @morgaanp @patriciamoraleshair

A post shared by Cameron Dallas (@camerondallas) on

Yes, he even makes the corner of the dirty kitchen look good.

4. When he bottle-fed a tiny baby monkey


A post shared by Cameron Dallas (@camerondallas) on

BRB, ovaries just exploded.

5. When he worked out shirtless and shared it on Instagram

So thoughtful. So fit.

6. Every time we watch his Netflix series, Chasing Cameron

It’s like a window to his soul.

7. When he caught feels


A post shared by Cameron Dallas (@camerondallas) on

So here for those.

8. When he posted selfies with his mum

Taking my mom to Milan ? @ginabina77

A post shared by Cameron Dallas (@camerondallas) on

Gina brought him up RIGHT.

9. When he got all philosophical about *~lUrVe~*

We’re right here, Cameron!

10. When this was his off-duty vibe

Look at that smize.

11. When he stole the show in Charli XCX’s Boys music video

We’ll be busy dreaming ’bout Cam.

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