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10 reasons why it’s totally okay to hate summer

Summer is a bit like Marmite – you get people who love it and people who hate it, and if you fall into the latter category everyone else thinks there’s something wrong with you. Sure, the promise of long days and warm sunshine sound good in theory, but if you’re not keen on summer (and you’re not alone) then you know the real truth.

1. You’re sweaty. All the time.

Your forehead gets so shiny it basically becomes a mirror and your hair ends up hanging greasily around your face because, just like you, it’s wilting in the heat. And when you try to embrace summer fashion… BAM. Sweat patches. Ugh.

2. Bugs are trying to eat you.

The simple act of hanging out in the park with your friends becomes a survival exercise thanks to all the bees and wasps that want a piece of you.

3. Sleep? Good luck with that.

Sleeping without a blanket on top of you feels weird, and fans are useless and noisy. And when you do finally fall into a sweaty slumber the sun’s coming up, ready to turn your bedroom into an oven again.

4. Your family is constantly in your face.

No matter how much you love your family, having them in your business 24/7 is stressful and tedious, especially when your mum won’t let you lie in ‘because it’s such a beautiful day outside’, or you’re expected to entertain your siblings. And family holidays? They’re great until you’re trapped in a car together for hours on end.

5. The weather is always wrong somehow.

You’ll spend days flopping around in the heat with nothing to do, but as soon as you plan something it’ll start chucking it down, so you daren’t go anywhere without sun cream and an umbrella, and possibly a spare pair of shoes (because flip flops in the rain are not the one) – and who can be bothered with all of that?

6. You are literally burning.

Sunscreen is important, and really, you should wear it every day regardless of the season, at least on your face. But it takes on a whole new level during summer, when the sun is literally trying to cook you. No matter how high the SPF and how frequently you slap it on, you always end up with a red nose and pink bits on your back that you can’t quite reach.

7. Pollen. Everywhere.

Summer’s great if you love sneezing and looking like you’re always crying. Which you probably are on the inside, because hayfever is the worst.

8. Summer fashion ain’t for everyone.

Summer clothes can be really fun and cute, and a breezy sundress is a godsend when the temperature rockets, but exposing pale legs or manoeuvring big boobs into a vest top can be hella stressful. And no-one’s really about the crop-top trend. Roll on jumper weather.

9. It gets boring.

You start the summer holidays excited at the prospect of six long carefree weeks to do whatever you want and you’ve probably got a few fun plans lined up. But three weeks in you’ve done pretty much everything at least twice and all you can muster is another Netflix marathon.

10. There’s so much PRESSURE.

Instagram and Facebook are full of stories and photos of people doing cool stuff, and every day is a day closer to the end of the holidays, so you get major FOMO and panic that you’re not having enough fun. But you can’t be bothered to do anything, so you just keep scrolling through Facebook, which just makes it worse. Ugh, summer!

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