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Here’s why you should nevereverever sleep with your make-up on

After a busy day of slaying left, right and centre, all you want to do is pop on some fleecy pyjamas, grab some biscuits and get under those covers.

But stop right there, oh sleepy one, because according to the beauty gurus, we should all be committing to cleansing, toning, serum-ing and moisturising before we can even think about hitting the pillow. Having a proper skincare routine that you stick to every day is the dream scenario, but… bed…

There are always gonna be those occasional nights when you just haven’t got the willpower to even reach for a face wipe, and that’s FINE. Zero judgement here. Sometimes it feels worth getting a bit spotty or flaky for a precious extra half an hour in bed – but it’s best to make sure that sleeping with your makeup on isn’t a habit that you fall into.

Because it turns out that catching some Zzzs while wearing the day’s makeup can wreak all kinds of havoc on that beautiful face of yours. So if you ever need an extra incentive to grab that flannel before climbing into bed, just read through these shock reasons why you should nevereverever sleep with your makeup on. Gulp.

Your poor eyelashes

Mascara is a truly genius beauty invention, but while three coats might turn you into a fluttery dream for the daytime, leaving them covered in the stuff overnight is a seriously bad idea.

Regularly failing to remove that mascara properly from your lashes will turn them from long and luscious to brittle and fragile, meaning they’ll snap into stumps and fall out a lot more easily. Nooooo, not the lashes. Nooo.

Sore eyes

That perfect smoky eye that’s been raking in the Instagram likes might be the most beautiful masterpiece you’ve ever created, but keeping layers of primer, eyeshadow, glitter and eyeliner sitting on your delicate lashes and lids all night is a big no-no.

The idea of the slept-in rockstar look sounds good in theory, but you can expect dryness, redness and irritation as a result, plus eye infections and maybe even corneal abrasions (vom) if you’re really unlucky.

Stye away

Eyeliner is a particularly guilty culprit here. The tiny hair follicles and oil glands on your eyelids and waterline can become clogged every time you hit the sheets still sporting the stuff, and before you know it? You’ve got yourself a super shiny, bright red stye to wear for a week or so. No thanks.

Chapped lips

There’s nothing more annoying (or painful) than having to rely on a balm to soothe dry lips back to health. But unsurprisingly, going to sleep with any traces of lippie on – whether that’s a heavy matte or a lighter gloss – will make things so much worse. You’ll wake up with a cracked, chapped mouth that feels very sorry for itself. Which is a whole other reason to pout.

Suffering skin

While the particularly gross effects can take a while to show themselves, one of the problems that’s quickest to develop from neglected makeup is skin that’s dryer than the Sahara desert.

When your skin’s dry, it loses all of that magical, natural glow that you normally radiate. The dryer it gets, the less elasticity it can keep hold of meaning that you’ll be prone to wrinkles way quicker in life than someone who moisturises each night. Instead, you’ll be faced with some not-so-cute dullness and dryness, which can take ages to reverse.

Cleansing at night means you’re melting/scrubbing/wiping away the dirt and grime that will have accumulated throughout the day, but failing to do so just leaves your skin to be attacked by harmful free radicals, which damage the structure and collagen production. That squishy bounce and pretty plumpness that you’ve got going on right now won’t stick around very long.Not only will your skin be parched and crying out for moisturiser, but there’ll also be a whole heap of dead cells just sitting on the surface, slowing down the usual renewal process. Bleugh.

…And yep, you’ll get spots

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that leaving foundation, concealer and powder (along with the day’s pollution) on your skin overnight creates a breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to inflammatory spots, blocked pores and and trapped oils. So, expect to say hi to the B word tomorrow morning – yep, BREAKOUTS.

Oil-based foundations and skin primers are the worst culprits for this as they’re literally designed to be less breathable and more heavy duty on your pores. Lather up, lady.


Look. Despite all of that nasty info that will probably give you nightmares for a few weeks, we all sleep in our makeup every once in a while and you definitely don’t need to panic. You’re not suddenly going to develop all of the above in 24 hours – but it should be enough to make you want to avoid it as much as possible.


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