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Five Instagrammers who are getting real about ‘normal’ bodies

Bodies. We’ve all got them, we all need them, so why don’t we all love all of them? It’s totally normal for our legs, boobs and bums to come in every shape, size, colour and texture you can imagine, but we’re so used to seeing a narrow idea of what makes a “perfect” body – smooth skin, slim (but not too thin), hairless limbs, flat tummies, a glossy mane… Basically, a combo that hardly anyone actually has. So that’s why we love these gals: ladies who totally celebrate real, normal bodies, exactly as they are.

Frances Cannon

Artist Frances Cannon posts a mixture of illustrations, photography and words focussing on ‘normal’ female bodies. A self portrait of herself wearing only knickers is captioned: “Feeling more and more myself everyday. Growing into the woman that I’m meant to be. Blossoming into the person that feels right. Feels home.” Her incredible confidence is inspiring and infectious – thanks for sharing, Frances.


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Zoe Sugg

While we’re all used to seeing pictures of Zoe looking flawless, she totally keeps it real by talking about issues that loads of us face. It’s an amazing reminder that literally no one’s life and self-confidence are as perfect as they might seem. She posts about period pain, about people commenting on her body, about having bad skin days and about her mental health struggles, and we are so grateful to her for opening up.


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I Weigh

So if you didn’t already know, Jameela Jamil is a total inspiration and she set up this awesome account as a response to the idea that sometimes, women feel that their value is all about being a certain size or hitting a certain number on the scales. She wants people to think about their real weight: their achievements and talents. Follow for your feed to be flooded with pictures of people celebrating their actual worth, and not just focusing on the way they look. So inspiring.


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Taynee Tinsley

Taynee’s bio says it all: “Illustration celebrating women, normalising all bodies, filling in the gaps that mainstream media doesn’t represent.” Yassss, you are seriously speaking our language. Her stunning art features women’s bodies of all shapes, sizes and colours, with and without body hair, lumps, bumps and stretch marks. It’s seriously refreshing (and you can buy ’em, too).


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Tolly Dolly Posh

This gal is on a mission to normalise something that is already totally normal, we just somehow forgot about it in a haze of shaving, waxing, lazering and epilation: body hair. She stopped removing her leg hair five years ago and still rocks the bare-legged look with confidence. Click through to her blog to read more about her journey.


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